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Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer Course

HABC International Award in Delivering Training

This qualification has been developed for both experienced and new trainers who wish to improve their performance and obtain a training qualification that will enable them to deliver Highfield qualifications. This international qualification would be typically delivered to learners through a 2-day training course (12 hours).

Topics covered include the characteristics of an effective tutor, catering for different learning styles, knowing how to manage groups and individuals, effective question techniques, types of assessment and how to use session plans effectively.

This qualification is assessed by Observation report: Learners must practically demonstrate the delivery of a microteaching session totaling 30 minutes. Learners are required to demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge and understanding relating to their micro-teaching session.


By the end of the session, the delegates will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare a training session
  • Deliver a training session
  • Evaluate a training session

To PASS the qualification, the learner needs to achieve a minimum of 4 – 7 points. A learner can also achieve a MERIT upon getting 8-13 points and a DISTINCTION upon getting 14-15 points. Learners gain these points, based on where the tutor places their performance in reference to the assessment criteria and the standard’s description on the record sheet.

  • Prepare for training delivery
    • Ice breakers, health and safety considerations and ground rules
    • Practicalities and resources (venue, equipment etc.)
  • Select delivery methods and resources to meet the needs of the subject and learners
    • Using a course specification
    • How to use training materials and resources to plan for training delivery
    • Identifying key content in a training programme
    • Adapting pre-prepared course materials and delivery methods to prepare a simple timed plan.
  • Select and demonstrate effective delivery strategies
    • Communication and developing rapport with learners
    • Asking questions
    • Adapting training during delivery to achieve learning outcomes and time management (for example to meet time constraints)
    • Individual and group management
  • Effectively use resources
    • Different resources
    • Use of resources (either those provided or developed)
  • Demonstrate effective assessment strategies during delivery
    • Importance of initial, formative and summative assessment
    • Examples of initial, formative and summative assessment methods
  • Self-evaluation of own delivery against set criteria
  • Identification of areas for future improvement

Anyone who wish to become a Trainer


Good Language and Communication Skills


12 Hours (Completed in Two Days)

Train the Trainer Course in Dubai

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