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Nebosh Testimonials

What Our NEBOSH Diploma Students Say

Nebosh Diploma Student
Prifith Palakkadan
SABIC - Saudi Arabia, Sr. EHSS Analyst

I am deeply grateful to HSEI and my exceptional trainer, Mr. Suresh Pillai, for their support and guidance in completing my NEBOSH Level 6 International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals. Mr. Suresh Pillai's exceptional expertise and profound understanding of safety have been a beacon of inspiration. His ability to convey complex safety concepts with clarity and practical relevance made learning an enjoyable and enriching experience. The personalized attention and encouragement I received from Mr. Suresh Pillai helped me overcome challenges and stay motivated throughout the course. Thank you, HSEI, for offering such a robust program, and thank you, Mr. Suresh Pillai, for being an exceptional mentor. I look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I've gained to contribute positively to the field of occupational safety and health.

Nebosh Diploma Student
Raneesh V
HSSE Advisor, AkerBP

Embarking on the journey to pursue NEBOSH IDip Level 6 with HSEI has been a transformative experience. From the moment I made the decision to start this endeavor, I knew I was in capable hands. The expert guidance, and unwavering support provided by HSEI have not only equipped me with invaluable knowledge but also empowered me to excel in the field of health, safety, and environmental management. Their commitment to excellence, paired with their dedication to their students' success, sets HSEI apart as a premier institution for professional development. I am proud to say that I have successfully completed the NEBOSH IDip Level 6, and I am confident that the skills and insights gained will continue to benefit me in my career for years to come. Thank you, HSEI, for guiding me on this remarkable journey of growth and achievement.

I highly recommend HSEI to anyone seeking top-tier education and accreditation in occupational health and safety.

Nebosh Diploma Student
Harikrishna Haridas

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the HSEI Institute for their outstanding NEBOSH IDip Training. The program's thorough curriculum, expert guidance, and supportive learning environment were crucial in helping me successfully complete the course.

I extend my sincere thanks to the entire team at HSEI Institute, especially Ajay Prasad and Suresh Ayyapan Pillai, whose dedication and expertise enriched my learning journey significantly. Their commitment to excellence and passion for sharing knowledge inspired and empowered me throughout.

Being part of such a prestigious institute fills me with pride, and I wholeheartedly recommend HSEI Institute to anyone seeking professional development in OHSMS or EMS.
Thank you, HSEI Institute, for your invaluable contribution to my professional growth and success.

Nebosh Diploma Student
Dhanesh Anchan
(Empower , Dubai)

Undertaking the NEBOSH International Diploma has been a challenging yet immensely rewarding journey. Completing NEBOSH Diploma marks a significant milestone in my professional development, and I am confident that the knowledge and skills gained will contribute positively to my career.

The comprehensive study material, class management coupled with the excellent online sessions conducted by our trainer Mr. Suresh is well appreciable. Mr. Suresh Pillai not only imparted theoretical knowledge but also shared valuable practical insights, enriched all of us to meet the course objectives.

I extend my sincere appreciation to Mr. Ajay Prasad, Mr. Suresh, Ms. Saafiya and all those involved in the NEBOSH International Diploma program from HSEI. This accomplishment would not have been possible without their continuous support.

Nebosh Diploma Student
Dinu Raj Pitynal Devarajan
(Falcon City Of Wonders ,Dubai)

I would like to express my gratitude to all the HSEI delegates and instructors for their professional support and advice throughout the past year as I completed my NEBOSH IDip. The experience was truly exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend HSEI to anyone seeking professional training certificates or the NEBOSH IDip.

Nebosh Diploma Student
Siji Krishnan
(Terra Firma, Saudi Arabia)

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding support and guidance I received from HSEI Training Provider and my dedicated tutor, Mr. Suresh Pillai, during my journey to successfully pass the NEBOSH Level 6 International Diploma(IDipNEBOSH). The comprehensive and well-structured course provided by HSEI equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricacies of health, safety, and environmental management. HSEI's commitment to excellence in education, combined with Suresh's exceptional teaching abilities, not only prepared me for the NEBOSH IDip examination but also instilled in me a deep understanding of the importance of health and safety in the workplace. I am confident that the skills and knowledge gained through this program will significantly contribute to my professional growth and enhance my ability to create and maintain a safe working environment.

NEBOSH Courses in Dubai
Aneesh Valiyattil
Project HSE Manager at Van Oord

It was a long struggle to club studies along with my Workload, But constant support and guidance from HSEI (Suresh Sir) helped me a lot to gain the Nebosh International diploma. Always had detailed discussions with him on all topics especially understanding the learning outcomes regulary and I was given assignments to complete within a timeframe. It was really helpful to apply the knowledge and understanding in the examination. I would highly recommend HSEI to individuals who looking for health and Safety Studies, Thanks to HSEI and Suresh Sir.

Safety Courses in Dubai
Vinayak R N
HSE Engineer, PMC -ARIF & BINTOAK, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am so glad that I achieved one of the most important qualification, NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety after putting lot of hard work. It was a wonderful journey in my career and I would like to thank each and every one, who supported me during this journey and special thanks to HSEI Middle East and Mr. Ajay Prasad from the bottom of my heart, for your priceless guidance and support to achieve this milestone in my career.

Health and Safety Courses in Dubai
Jaya Mohan

Elated to share my long awaited news of my success in NEBOSH International Diploma and a much better result than expected. The hardwork paid off. A lot of hours of self-study, hard work and most importantly the knowledge and skills that I had gained.I never thought I would make it through to be a NEBOSH IDip holder, it was quite challenging and brainstorming but I kept focusing forward. I feel proud and validated of my achievement success story neboshidip. Thanks to my trainer Mr Suresh PILLAI and course provider @HSEI for your support and guidance throughout the course duration. I would honestly recommend to choose HSEI for anybody willing to progress their career in occupational health and safety to take NEBOSH Courses.
Thank You.

NEBOSH International Certificate In Occupational Health and Safety

HSEI is a unique institute with commitment in delivering quality classes and well-prepared study materials. Realised this right in 2018 when I joined for NEBOSH IGC, through interactive classes and guidance I was able to understand the core concept of the safety course and secured Distinction.

In 2022 when I decided to upgrade my certification to NEBOSH IDIP with no doubts, I joined HSEI middle east. Attending well-structured online classes, mock test and dedicated tutor support I was able to clear ID3 with good score. Thanks to Suresh Sir who delivered effective training sections and gave clear instructions for answering after evaluating the mock test.

I would recommend HSEI to those who look for a standard institute with dedicated tutors and management commitment in maintaining quality education.

NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation
Diya Abdel Qader Abdeljaber Jad Allah

After a journey of 9 months, I got the International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals. The seven months were filled with hard work and research, as well as excellent support from Mr. Suresh and HSEI. The encouragement & continued backup provided by the HSEI team played a vital role in achieving this achievement. Thank you, Mr. Suresh and HSEI, and we look forward to more successes with your professional team

Nebosh Diploma Student
Shiyas Moitheen

It's been an excellent journey and experience for me studying NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals course through HSEI. This is a highly competitive course and I have done huge hard work but this has been possible only with the timely support of tutors and excellent study material provided. I want to pay special thanks to Mr. Suresh Pillai he has been nice and given me effective mentoring. All the best to the people pursue this course.

Nebosh Diploma Student
Shifar Aziz

Finally, "IDipNebosh". It was such a dreaming qualification from my graduation period.I was always craving for that since my Nebosh IGC. It was such a hard piece of job to achieve the most recognized qualification ever in health and safety within a 6 month timeframe.The support from HSEI as well as from my dear mentor Mr Suresh was incredible and seamless.Thank you so much.The stimulus and thrive for achieving even bigger never ends here.I will use this achievement as an octane fuel to move forward and take my career to the next level of professional life.Once again, Thank you.

Nebosh Diploma Student

It has been my privilege to have chosen HSEI as my learning partner in my journey to achieve NEBOSH International DIploma qualification. I am thankful for all the guidance, support and learning opportunities created by their dedicated team. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Suresh and Mr. Ajay for always being patient with me and creating a great learning experience for me. I will always remember HSEI fondly, as I move ahead in my career

Nebosh Diploma Student
Vineeth Kuthirummal
(HSE Engineer, Azizi Developments, Dubai) Read what he say in his interview with Nebosh UK

Happy to share with everyone that I have recently completed my NEBOSH International Diploma (old syllabus) which is one of the most respectful qualifications of its kind. Extremely happy that I passed in the first attempt with good marks. It was very difficult to study on the weekends and nights after work. After all these struggles, now I can proudly keep this credential with my name.

I sincerely thank the training provider HSEI Middle East, Mr. Suresh Pillai and Mr. Ajay Prasad who provided outstanding classes and learning materials. They are continuously shaping the career of every enthusiastic professional including me, without their guidance, this was not possible. Thank You!!!

Nebosh Diploma Student
Rakesh Kumar.

At first, I wasn’t that energetic and sure whether i could really continue my education and achieve my career goals, but HSEI always given me the best advice and support. It’s been a really wonderful experience during my diploma course. The institute is informative, friendly and offers best advice to students.You can get in touch with them always and they answer everything on your questions, which feels really like being part of a family. Especially Ajay Sir who was always there for me and inspired me to continue my study and boost me towards my career goals.I would definitely recommend HSEI to individuals interested in health and safety.

Great study courses, fantastic study experience and I'll be always associated with HSEI for more learning.

Nebosh Diploma Student
Shyam Susivrithan
Health and Safety Professional at Drydocks World / DP World Read what he say in his interview with Nebosh UK

Hard work really pays off !!!

Passed NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals with credit. Thanks to HSEI ( Suresh Sir and others) and all who supported me for this achievement.